Dr. Armstrong provides a private, comfortable environment where you are encouraged to discuss your concerns and participate in your healthcare. You will experience the time you've always wanted with your physician in conjunction with a warm, knowledgeable, and caring staff.

Our DEDICATION is to a relaxed, educational, pro-active and informed choice approach to your healthcare.

Our PASSION is early detection of the major silent threats to women's health. This in turn avoids the time, trouble, pain, suffering, cost and anguish of advanced disease. The stories of our friends and families remind us daily of the importance of prevention.

You told us what you want, and together with what the best research tells us that you need...you get both.
 Dr Armstrong    

The economic changes of the last few years have no doubt brought new concerns and pressures to us all.  The stress that results can bring on illness - physcially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


More than ever, you need to take care of your health.  We encourage you to:

1.  Take responsibility for your part

2.  Keep your check ups timely and a mini-checkup every 6 months

We will help in any way we can with your healthcare budget.  Remember you will save money by practicing prevention and early detection. 

Women are wonderful caregivers.  Be sure to care for yourself so that you stay well.  Together we can do this!


John Armstrong, Jr., MD, MS

We are currently accepting new patients and appreciate your referrals.